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Longing for Christ {Week 8, Day 1}

November 2, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Study

Friends, can you believe this is the final week of our 40-day journey? I’m Alicia Hunter, back from Week 4, and I am excited to begin this week with you.

I recently moved. When I first started packing, I was highly organized. Only similar items went into the same box, and then it was neatly and clearly labeled. In the days before we moved, though, I found myself stuffing boxes with all kinds of odds and ends. And the label? “Miscellaneous.” While at the time that seemed efficient, now I can’t locate half the items I need to function! Seriously. My salt and pepper shakers are somewhere in one of those “miscellaneous” boxes, along with the dog’s water bowl and who knows what else!

Sometimes, we haphazardly “pack” things in our hearts, too, trying to fill in empty, lonely places left by heartache and pain from our personal journeys. We search for and grab anything we can find to fill our days and meet our needs. We cling to what we think might make us happy, when Christ is truly the only one that can sustain us and bring real peace. Christ Himself fills our hearts. We take Him with us wherever we go.

This Week’s Longing:
Throughout this study, we’ve seen that God designed us with longings to have our broken and empty places healed. Here’s the good news we’ll dig into this week: ALL of our longings will be finally and fully satisfied with the return of Christ! How about an amen? And while we wait, while we long for Christ’s return, we can still live a life filled with hope!

This Week’s Video:
Waiting is hard, right? Listen in as Eric, Joel and Wendy share Scripture to encourage us while we long for Christ’s return. Hannah and Kendra also give us great advice for moving forward once we complete our study.

Here are instructions for accessing closed captioning and the transcripts.

Today’s reading:

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It’s our last week; let’s finish strong!


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