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Habit of Gratitude {Week 8, Day 4}

November 5, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Week 8 Quote


I look forward to every Thursday’s “thank break.” Now that we’re eight weeks in, I hope this has become a habit of gratitude we all continue.

What an example of a lifestyle of praise we find in Paul’s ministry! He encouraged others wherever his journeys took him. He shared God’s love in prison, beside a river, in the middle of a riot, even in the midst of a storm.

“So keep up your courage, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me” (Acts 27:25, NIV).

Paul developed his faith because he witnessed God work in his life and in the lives of others. Through every struggle, every encounter, Paul found that God remained faithful. He learned to praise God in all circumstances and in all conditions.

My experiences help me build my faith, too. Years ago, God turned one of my biggest storms into encouragement for others! I had no idea at the time that He would turn the dark days of divorce to light and allow me to share my story and hope with others. But of course, my faith told me that is exactly what He would do.

Friends, I’m not sure what “storm” you are facing, but I know God is right there with you. I want to encourage you to have faith in God, trusting that, for all those who place their hope in Jesus, one day every tear will be wiped away and ALL things will be made new! Now THAT makes me stand up and say "Hallelujah!"

You and me? We have hope to give!

Let’s give hope together,


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How has God used a “storm” in your life to give someone else hope? Or how has God used someone else’s storm to encourage you? Let’s give gratitude in the comments!

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