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Anxiety is Not God’s Will for My Life {Week 1}

November 6, 2017

Hey! Welcome to our Online Bible Study, Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado.

I’m Melissa Taylor, and although I’m the director of Online Bible Studies here at Proverbs 31 Ministries, for this study, I’m simply an "OBSer" just like you. Why? Because I need this study. Currently my anxiety level is quite high.

Anxiety is something that can do more than invoke fear and worry in our lives. If left untreated or ignored, it can cause us to feel inadequate, tired, hopeless, unsettled and on edge. Yes, I’d say that all of these words have described me lately. 

This book, Anxious for Nothing, has come at the perfect time and I’m ready to get started! I hope you are too!

We’ll kick off every week with a video. We’re going on a road trip for this study and you are invited. Watch me, Kendra Schwarz and author of Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado, as we chat about why Max wrote this book and find out some fun things going on this week in our P31 OBS. 

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What are the chances we’d run into Max at a coffee shop- ha ha? Even though in our Monday videos, we try to lighten it up a bit, don’t miss what Max shared:

“‘Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!’ (Phil. 4:4). Paul’s prescription for anxiety begins with a call to rejoice.”

So, how are we going to practically tackle anxiety all while rejoicing as we do it? First of all, let’s commit to making time for this Bible study. Are you with me on this? The first step is setting aside some time.

Here are your tools for a successful first week:

Week at a Glance – This is your one-stop shop during the study. It has a suggested reading guide and other resources to equip you in your journey.

Week at a Glance

Bible Study Companion – We’re committed to helping you get into God’s Word. Sarah Travis and I wrote this Companion to go along with the Anxious for Nothing OBS. This is where we will be digging into our Bibles to read and take in God’s Holy Word for us. We believe that transformation is possible when we spend time in the Word of God. We hope you will make this Bible Study Companion a part of your P31 OBS week. I’ve already printed mine!

Bible Study Companion

It’s time to get started!

I hope you all have a peace-filled week!

Reflect & Respond:

What’s one thing you’re anxious about? How and when will you make the time to read and do your Bible study?

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