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Asking for God's Help {Week 2}

November 13, 2017
 "Because the Lord is near, we can be anxious for nothing.." - Max Lucado #AnxiousForNothing | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 2 #P31OBS

Happy Week 2! I'm Anna Currin, and I'm thrilled to be your study leader for Week 2 of #AnxiousForNothing! We have a great week ahead, and I can't wait to get started.

Before we do, didn't you just love celebrating God's goodness with Nichole last week? Amazing, right? And, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another road trippin' adventure with Melissa, Kendra and Max! Let's go ...

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Wow! What a great reminder from Max in today's video! God never left Abraham's side. God's presence was with Him and Abraham knew and trusted He was near.

I love how Abraham modeled this so well. If only I did the same.

When I let anxious thoughts creep in, I instantly feel guilt for not going to God first and taking those thoughts captive. And this leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation, like Max mentioned, and the lie that no one will understand. Which then results in me trying to handle things on my own and making matters worse.

Perhaps you too?

Well guess what? As we're going to learn and be reminded of this week, we don't have to continue in that cycle. When worry, fear or anxious thoughts come our way, we can trust that God is by our side holding our hand every step of the way. He's NOT watching from a distance. He IS with us! He is near. He understands. And like Max Lucado says in Chapter 5 of Anxious for Nothing:

"Because the Lord is near, we can be anxious for nothing."

So, let's begin our week choosing to, as Max puts it, "be the person who clutches the presence of the Lord with both hands." Sound good?

Now that we've prepared our minds, let's look at all the awesomeness going on this week ...

No need to get anxious trying to remember everything. The Week at a Glance has all you need to know, organized in one convenient place! So make sure you check out the Week 2 section.


And don't stop there! Don't forget to join the wonderful Sarah Travis in the Week 2 section of your Bible Study Companion as we work to apply what we're learning this week.


Reflect and Respond:

How will you "clutch the presence of the Lord with both hands" this week? I'm going to visualize God sitting next to me each time I feel anxiety creeping in.


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