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Forget the Mess, It's Progress!

December 1, 2017
Anxious For Nothing  Study Leaders

Hey, there!

Anna and Nichole back with you on this last day of our #AnxiousforNothing P31 OBS. Hard to believe our time together is coming to an end! But we’re so thankful for the time we’ve been able to spend with you.

We’ve had so much fun walking through this study with all of you, and unpacking how to keep C.A.L.M., as we’ve learned to:

  • Celebrate God’s Goodness (Week 1)
  • Ask God for Help (Week 2)
  • Leave Our Concerns with Him (Week 3)
  • Meditate on Good Things (Week 4)

If you’re like me (Anna), you may expect immediate results from these C.A.L.M. steps. But don’t be discouraged! It can take time to see progress.

We’ll have to continue to put in the effort to see results. And this can get messy because, well, we’re human. But let’s take Max Lucado’s advice in Chapter 11 of Anxious for Nothing:

“Do not meditate on the mess.”

Anxious for Nothing  Week 4

When anxiety creeps in, leaving us with feelings of guilt, let’s not focus on the setback/mess. Instead, let’s focus on taking one step at a time toward the goal of being C.A.L.M. Deal?

Now here’s Nichole to share some of her closing thoughts on all we’ve learned, too!

Thanks, Anna!

Wow, y’all! What an AWESOME study this has been! We’re so proud of you for sticking with us! Wanna know a fun fact?

Did you notice each section of Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado is based upon a verse from Philippians 4:4-8? Pretty neat, huh? We hope these verses have become your go-to encouragement. They’ve certainly become ours!

Essentially, we’ve learned that God’s goodness and grace replaces worry and anxiety when we abide in His word and go to Him in prayer.

But let’s not read those words and just move on with our lives. Just because our #P31OBS is coming to a close doesn’t mean we leave all we’ve learned behind. Let’s keep Philippians 4:4-8 close to our hearts and rest in the C.A.L.M. as we cling to Christ.

Until next time,
Anna & Nichole

Reflect and Respond: 

What has God been teaching you through this study? Take some time today to review your notes and perhaps make a list you can come back to time and again, as needed.  

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