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December 6, 2019

Friends! We’ve made it to the final day of our Because of Bethlehem study. What an incredible journey it’s been!

Each Friday along the way, we’ve addressed a different feeling many of us struggle with from time to time — feelings of being alone, distracted, in need of direction, and unworthy of God’s love. Along with each has been an antidote of sorts to carry into the Christmas season, something to challenge our way of thinking and, when applied, will keep us from settling into the usual status quo.

So, to recap ...

When we feel alone and burdened …

We’ll take our eyes off ourselves and follow the lead of Jesus by looking also to the needs of those around us, sharing with them the hope of God. (Week 1)

When we feel caught up in the chaos and distractions of a busy life …

We’ll stop to take notice of the everyday gifts around us — the sunset, a baby’s smile, a cheerful song — and recognize them as God’s way of making Himself known to us. (Week 2)

When we feel directionless and all out of sorts …

We’ll recognize the feeling as a call to action and be intentional about seeking God through Scripture, a trusted friend, etc. We’ll seek with expectation, trusting Him to show up when we do. (Week 3)

When we feel unworthy and incapable of being used by God …

We won’t look to ourselves for answers, but instead to the manger in Bethlehem. We’ll think of all that Jesus gave up to be with us, and we’ll remember how incredibly loved we are. (Week 4)

These things we’ve talked about aren’t just for Christmas either! When applied to our lives, their benefits will last us the whole year through. There is HOPE, there is PEACE, there is LOVE, and there is JOY, ALL there for the taking, ALL made available to us ... because of Bethlehem.

Thank you for being a part of our study! It’s truly been our pleasure to walk with you through it all.

Let’s Chat:

Now that we’ve made it to the end, what’s been your biggest takeaway from these past four weeks?

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Just for You!
Looking for a way to remember what we’ve learned this study? Well, look no further! We’ve taken the weekly recaps shared here and crafted them into a free downloadable PDF, our gift to you. Enjoy!


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