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Grace Upon Grace

December 5, 2018

Hey there! I have a question: How intentional are you about setting aside time to worship — to stop and remember all God has done for you? And I don't just mean on Sunday mornings, either.

As we're learning this week, God intends for us to regularly pause from everyday life to acknowledge His presence and ultimate sovereignty.

I'm not always as good at this as I'd like to be. Thankfully, though, there is grace upon grace available, and that's just what Kendra, Melissa, Jessica and Wendy are here to talk with us about in our last midweek check-in. Let's watch!

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Grace, y'all. What a beautiful word.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and we'll see you back Friday when Kendra Schwarz will be here to finish us out with a Freedom Friday testimony of her own. Don't miss it!

- Stacy

Let's Chat:

How are you going to give yourself grace this week? (from today's video)

You're Invited!

Today at 11 a.m. ET is the last session of our Breathe teaching series. We'll be joined by Lisa Allen, Wendy Blight and Melissa Taylor as they teach us about making Sabbath work in our everyday lives. Want to join in? It's not too late! For more information or to purchase the series, click here

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