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I Forgot God

December 7, 2018
"Overloading is often what we do when we forget who God is." - Richard Swensen | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

2018 started like any other year. I was full of expectation and excitement as I sat with my calendar and looked at everything coming my way. I had a plan. I had commitments. And it all seemed manageable ... until it wasn’t.

When spring hit, I was anything but expectant and excited. Why? Because my plan wasn’t working. It had consumed me.

I saw this most in my job. I was constantly trying to get ahead — check one more thing off my to-do list ... answer one more email ... finalize one more thing. In other words, I wasn’t working my plan. I was overworking. And that’s a problem because, like we read in Breathe this week:

“Overloading is often what we do when we forget who God is.” -Richard Swenson

I forgot God. I forgot what He’s capable of. While overloading myself to try to get ahead, I marginalized Him. As though He couldn’t or wouldn’t help, I sidelined Him. Left Him behind.

I hate to admit this. Especially working for a ministry where I talk, think and process everything through the filter of Scripture. But it’s true.

I thought if I got ahead and overloaded myself on the front end, I could enjoy the benefits of rest later. But that wasn’t the case. Instead, I kept working through the Sabbath, thinking my checklists were more important than checking in with God.

And that’s why I’m so thankful for what I learned in this Breathe study!

Since working through the book with the team, I’ve begun to put this whole idea of margin to the test. Instead of working through emails, I’ve given God back my Sunday afternoons. Now, I do everything but work — hang out with friends, help out at my church, visit with family. And here’s what I’ve found: The following day I get everything done I need to.


The space I’ve created out of obedience has allowed me to understand I’d been treating God as insignificant. And once I stopped marginalizing Him and stopped my work, I was able to see Him work. I was able to find freedom in seeing Him come through. Every. Single. Time.

As 2019 quickly approaches, I’m thankful to have a fresh start with this in mind.

Love you, friend, and hope to have you join us for our next study!

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Now that we’re closing out the study, we’d love to know how Priscilla’s words have impacted you. What did you learn that’s helping you experience freedom?

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