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THE Answer to Your Study-Prep Questions

March 30, 2020

ONE MORE WEEK and we’ll all be diving deep into our journey of praying dangerously! Are you excited? Nervous? It’s okay to be either or both  we are, too  but we also want to ensure you are informed. So here’s THE resource to help you be in the know  our Study at a Glance.

The Study at a Glance is a FREE downloadable/printable calendar that will answer your questions, such as:

  • When does the study start and end, or how many weeks is it?
  • Which chapters do I read each week?
  • When will I receive each new study post in my email?
  • Will there be any videos, and if so, when/how will I receive them?
  • What other study options are there to plug into and when?

We encourage you to download and/or print your copy now, then take a moment to familiarize yourself with it and all that’s in store and available for you.


Now that you’re in the know, there’s one more thing we want you to remember: This is YOUR study. One of the beauties of an online study is that you get to pick and choose which parts to do and when, according to your needs, desires and schedule. The Study at a Glance calendar is simply to help keep you informed and on track each week.

We hope this helps,
Your P31 OBS Team

P.S. Still have questions after familiarizing yourself with the Study at a Glance? Check out our FAQ page, too!

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Now that you’re familiar with the Study at a Glance and FAQ page, are there any further questions you have about how the study works and/or what to expect? We have a whole team ready to help!

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