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He’s Still There {Week 1}

April 8, 2020

Hey there! I’m Stacy Lowe from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I’ll be here with you on the blog the rest of this week.

As I write this, I’m stuck at home socially distancing myself from the world. Here in Virginia, schools are closed through the end of the academic year, many businesses are shut down, and churches are meeting online. My dinner date to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages was canceled. This is life right now, and I suspect many of you can relate. I’m usually content to be at home, but not like this. Socially distancing, while necessary, is anything but fun.

You know who’s never socially distant, though? God. He is closer than we think. In fact, Proverbs 18:24 tells us He’s our friend who sticks closer than a brother (OR sister). With all that’s going on in our world today, I can think of nothing more valuable than spending time drawing closer to God and learning more about Him through His Word, the Bible. With that in mind, today I get the honor and privilege of introducing you to our Bible Study Companion.

This FREE downloadable/printable resource will help you dig deeper into Scripture in relation to something we're reading in our Dangerous Prayers book. It features six guided lessons  one for each week of study. We'll invite you each Wednesday to work through that week's lesson, but you are welcome to complete each one whichever day best fits your schedule. Sound good?

Lesson 1 (pages 1-13) takes us right into the heart of the fella who prayed that God would search him. This man, David, is known for some pretty great things. But he’s also known for some NOT-so-great things as well. In this lesson, we’ll take a closer look at his life, focusing on one of his most infamous moments. Along the way, we’ll also discuss a few key takeaways and how they’re applicable to our lives even today.


Even though we can’t physically draw close to others right now, our hope is that through these moments of digging deep, we’ll be drawn closer to our God who’s always there.

Are you ready to work through Lesson 1? Let’s begin!

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In addition to utilizing the Bible Study Companion, what’s something you can do to draw close to God in this time of being physically apart from others?

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