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Just Keep Singing {Week 3}

April 22, 2020

Hi friends! Words are my love language. I love receiving messages from friends and family, especially when things aren’t going well. Their encouraging words bring me strength when I’m struggling, and I find myself reading them again and again.

My dad doesn’t send many messages, but he’s an encourager. Do you have people in your life like that? Those who sit with you, even if they don’t say much, when life gets tough? One night, my dad sat on my porch with me for hours, helping me sort through my brokenness. Through tears and heartache, he put his arm around me and said, “Just keep singing.”

His advice helped me walk through my pain. When I felt anxious and fearful, I would sing a song of praise. As I sang, something inside me started to shift. Each time I filled my mind (and house) with song, my pain and suffering faded more. God was doing a great work in my heart.

In this week’s Bible Study Companion (BSC), Nichole Stern introduces us to the Apostle Paul, the man who wrote the book on living for Christ in the midst of suffering. We’ll learn how this Jewish Pharisee who persecuted Christians had his life turned upside down by a radical encounter with Christ and went on to become one of God’s greatest evangelists! This lesson begins on page 23.


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Who has encouraged you? What did they say or do to help your brokenness?

P.S. Remember, the Bible Study Companion is designed to be a standalone lesson, so it’s not necessary to complete the previous lessons before doing this one.

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