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Is It Worth It? {Week 4}

April 29, 2020
"In our brokenness, we often experience God’s greatest blessings.” - Craig Groeschel  #DangerousPrayers | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

Hey there!

We’re all friends here, right? So can I be real? The thought of asking God to break me is a scary thought indeed. We touched on this Monday, but it bears repeating, because I doubt I’m alone in feeling this way. No one wants to walk through times of brokenness.

I wonder, though: Is what’s waiting for us, both during and on the other side, worth the pain and struggle?

On page 99 of Dangerous Prayers, Craig Groeschel encourages us with this:

“In our brokenness, we often experience God’s greatest blessings.”

Which brings us to today’s Bible Study Companion (BSC), where we’ll meet a man well-acquainted with brokenness. In fact, his was a brokenness of his own making. It wasn’t the end of him, though. God was with him through it all and radically changed his life because of it. As you work through the Week 4 lesson, ask yourself: Was the brokenness worth it in his life? Is it worth it in your own?

When you’re ready, turn to this week’s lesson (pages 35-47) in the BSC, and let’s begin!



Let’s Chat:

What’s a blessing you’ve experienced in brokenness?

P.S. Don’t forget: Each week’s BSC is designed as a standalone lesson, so if you missed doing last week’s, no worries! You can still do this week’s lesson, then catch up on any you may have missed if/when time allows.

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