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God Can Still Send You! {Week 6}

May 13, 2020
 "My day matters to God." - Craig Groeschel  #DangerousPrayers | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 6 #P31OBS

When I got my Dangerous Prayers book, my soul lit up at Part 3: Send Me. Yes, God. THIS is what I yearn for! But then COVID-19 came along and it frustrated me. God, how can we be “sent” when we can’t even really leave our homes?

Wait. Did I really ask God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, how He can still send us? I did. I got stuck on that for a while, as if being stuck at home limits what God can do.

I guess last week’s Bible Study Companion on the attributes of God was for me too. I needed a reminder that our God is limitless; He can still send us … it may just look different than we first perceived.

That’s where Chapter 3.7 comes in. In it, Pastor Craig shares an example of how he personalizes the “send me” prayer to daily devote specific parts of his body to God. He then encourages us to do the same. Friends, THIS is how we better perceive God’s plan to “send us” each and every day!

To help us personalize the “send me” prayer, in this week’s Bible Study Companion (pp. 57-67), we’ll learn what God’s Word has to say about devoting our bodies to God. We’ll look specifically at our heart, mind and mouth.


Like Pastor Craig Groeschel writes in Dangerous Prayers:

“When I start my day wholly devoted to God, my mind is focused toward what lasts … My day matters to God. And it’s meaningful to me.” p.146

Our day does matter to God. He can still send us and is wanting and waiting to show us His way, even and especially in these COVID-19 days.


P.S. Remember, the previous week’s lessons don’t have to be complete to do this week’s.

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