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Dangerous Prayers

Your study leaders are ready to pray dangerously! Get to know a bit about them, plus which dangerous prayer they're most excited to pray and why...



Alicia Hunter lives in Berea, Kentucky with her husband and daughter, and near her older daughter and son-in-law. She is Chief Academic Officer of Madison County Schools and loves to help teachers and principals grow. For fun, she takes adventures and plays games with her family. She has served with P31 OBS since 2018 as a small group leader, and now also as a contributing leader/writer on our blog. You can connect with her on Facebook.

Hi there, friends. My job takes me to new places with different people each day. My prayer is for God to open my eyes and my heart to see each person the way He does. I want to be willing and eager to serve God and go where He sends me each day. 


Katrina Wylie lives in Western Washington with her husband Dave, daughter Ava, three dogs and three backyard goats. They are also a licensed foster family. She has served with P31 OBS since 2013 through various roles. Currently, she’s on the Executive Team for the Words Department and a study leader for our blog and Bible Study Companion. Outside of leading for P31 OBS, she homeschools her daughter and loves hanging out with her family, reading, writing and doing DIY projects. You can connect with her on social media as @katrinavwylie.

Hi Bible study friends! I'm looking forward to dangerously praying "search me". I'm ready for God to reveal any and every area that's holding me back from growing and being "sent" to where God has planned. I'm here, God. Search me!

 Stacy copy 

Stacy Lowe is a sign language interpreter from Virginia Beach, Virginia where she shares space with her Facebook-famous kitty, Maggie Mae. She has served in a number of roles with P31 OBS since 2014, most recently as a study leader on our blog and leader of the Facebook Community Group Team. When not at work or hanging around P31 OBS, you'll likely find her out and about, camera in hand, chasing down the latest sunrise or sunset. You can connect with her on Facebook.

Hi there! There's been a lot of "new" in my life recently that could only have come from God, so I know He has a plan for it. My prayer this study is that God would send me to the right people and situations, within it all, that I may be used by Him.


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