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Fight Back With One Word

June 13, 2022

Okay, so you know how people say rereading scripture many times helps you understand them more? Well, that's just what I've been doing this round. 

And it’s what has helped me notice this word: will. Maybe you noticed it too? (By the way, you're good if you totally didn’t notice it. Sometimes Jesus draws you and me to different lessons, you know? And that's a good thing.)

The word will appears in several of our daily scriptures, including today’s (Day 14). Girl, I get so excited when I see it!

To me, it’s as if God is saying to His daughters, “Trust me, what I said I’d do is what’s going to happen. What I said I’d give you is yours. Guaranteed.” 

So instead of thinking "I doubt that…" you and I can remind ourselves that "God will!”

You know, I’m so glad we got to chat today. Talking with you encourages me. I hope it’s the same for you. See you on Day 17 (Thursday, June 16), yes?


P.S. How’s it going memorizing our Round 2 scripture? What’s working for me right now is memorizing only a chunk of words at a time. If nothing else, I know I can remember at least one word from this scripture for now: will! :) Keep going. You and I, we’re in this together.

Fighting Back!

What word from a Scripture we’ve read so far has encouraged you?  How so? (If you’re not sure what word you’d choose, just think about the word “will.”)

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