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Let’s Be Strong!

June 23, 2022

How’s your day going, really?

Did you skip over that question in your mind, or did you stop and think about it for a minute?

I often skip questions like that and just keep reading because I want to get to “the good stuff.” But Ellie asked a question today (Day 24) that has me thinking and then wondering how you might respond. Questions can do that. They bring us together to share and learn from each other. That’s what I’m hoping we’ll do today. 

Ellie shared powerful verses today (Ephesians 6:10-18) about standing on God’s strength. But then she asked this question: 

“How can we be strong on the days we feel so done or tired?” 

By now, we’ve gotten pretty brave, sharing real answers rather than those things we think we are supposed to say — you know, things my small group calls “Sunday-school answers.” So let’s share with each other what we really do for strength when “we feel so done or tired.”

I’ll go first.

I pray. (I could stop there, but here’s the rest of what I really do.) I follow that prayer up with messages to a few close friends asking them to pray for me. I also physically do something for someone else — acts of love and kindness.

How do you stay strong on those tough days? Tell us in the comments. Let’s keep fighting together! 

See you again on Day 27 (Sunday, June 26)!


P.S. Remember, no matter what we face or what’s going on around us, this week’s passage is a promise that God is always with us!

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