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Even on My Worst Days

July 3, 2022

You know what I’m learning?

My worst days are the best days to focus on who God is. You know the days I’m talking about — days filled with tough situations, poor choices, bad news and cranky people. On those days, I often get stuck thinking only about all that’s happening. 

But in today’s reading (Day 34), Ellie points out a few verses in Psalm 100 that talk about who God is. He’s good. His love endures forever, even on our very worst days. His faithfulness continues through all generations. 

Really stop and let those words sink in. 

Where would I be if God treated me the way I sometimes treat Him? Where would I be if He grew tired of loving me? Where would I be if He stopped keeping His word since I don’t always keep mine? Where would you be? 

The truth? If He stopped being who He is, our worst days would be far worse! 

The first two verses of Psalm 100 tell us to shout for joy, worship the Lord with gladness and come before Him with joyful songs. What’s something I can shout for joy about today? How can I worship the Lord today? What song about Him could I sing throughout the day? 

What about you? Will you choose to focus on what’s happening today, or will you focus on who God is? What’s something you realize you appreciate about who God is? Let’s talk more about this in the comments!

Then we’ll reconnect this Wednesday, July 6! Deal?


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