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July 6, 2022

Hi there! Just wanted to share what’s working to help me remember Psalm 73:26, our memory verse this round.

Reading this verse over and over helped me spot certain two-word phrases: "my flesh," "my heart," "my portion." Since each phrase starts with the word “my,” I worked to memorize those phrases first.

Now that I can repeat those phrases out loud from memory, I’m working to remember what I think is the best news in the verse: God is my strength … forever! The image that comes to my mind is of me being held up by the brightest light I’ve ever seen.

When I’m tired during the day, I repeat, “God is my strength forever!” When I work out, I repeat, “God is my strength forever!” Even when I lift my grocery bags, I repeat, “God is my strength forever!” I’ve just about got it down now. All that’s left in the verse are words that connect the phrases I’ve learned. What I’ve done so far I think will help me put it all together.

What about you? What’s one tip that’s been working for you? I’d love to hear about it!


P.S. Remember, on Day 40 (Saturday, July 9) we’ll wrap up Round 4. See you then!

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