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Four Rounds Down

July 9, 2022

Hi, friend, and hello, Day 40! We made it. Yay!

You know, as I get older and pray for wisdom, I'm learning to ask myself more questions. These questions lead to more awareness. They also help me discover just how much I'm growing. When it gets tough to continue or on rough days, acknowledging that growth keeps me going.

Here's what I've asked myself lately. I'd love to know your answers as well. As you spend more time with God, what changes are you noticing? Do more "fighting words" show up in your thoughts? When you read scriptures, how do you feel, think and respond to what happens during your day? What about the days you don't read scriptures — how do those days go? 

Now, just imagine how much more our lives will continue to change as we fight more lies with God's Truth! I'm so excited to keep going! What about you?

Thank you for studying with me, my friend. I’ll be praying for you as we prepare to start Round 5 tomorrow!


Fighting Back!

What’s one positive change you’ve seen happen for you since we started studying together?

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