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What Is Your "Why"?

July 13, 2022

Hey there!

Now that we’re almost to the halfway point of our study, I’m curious: Do you remember your why for joining in? Was it to memorize Scripture? Was it because you needed hope? Are you an Ellie Holcomb fan?

Whatever your reason, what keeps you going now?

You see, I think it’s when we tap into our why and see it fulfilled that we find the motivation to keep moving forward, especially in a study of this length.

As you go through these next few days, spend some time thinking about your "why." Better yet, write it out on a notecard and use that as your study bookmark so you’ll be reminded each day why being here really does matter. God is changing us from the inside out as we put these fighting words to use, and I don’t want us to miss a second of it!

Keep working on this round’s memory verse, and then I’ll be back with you on Friday, July 15, to talk about what just may be my favorite devotional in the book. See you then!


Fighting Back!

What is your "why" for being here? And if you can’t quite identify it, take a look at what others have to say. You may just find the words of your "why" tucked in someone else’s comment!

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