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Even Though

July 28, 2022
In my office hangs a painting that is an artistic interpretation of Psalm 23. In the image is a shepherd carrying a sheep through a valley. When I bought the painting, the subtle colors were what caught my eye more than the meaning of the artwork.

That all changed one morning during a challenging time in my life. When I was feeling hopeless, lost and unable to focus on my devotional, the beautiful painting caught my eye. The tears began flowing as I realized I wasn’t going through this trial alone. The Lord is my Shepherd, and even though I was walking through pain and uncertainty, God was with me. 

Today's reading (Day 59) reminded me of that morning, and once again, the tears began to flow as I glanced at the painting. It was a tender reminder of how God used that trial for me to lean more on Him and grow stronger in my faith. It was also a reminder that I am still facing “even thoughs.”

Even though I’m facing more medical tests ...
Even though I’m wrestling with anxiety ... 
Even though I’m entering a new stage of parenting ...
Even though I’m facing an unknown season of life ... 

“I will fear no evil, for you are with me” (Psalm 23:4, ESV).

Even though.

Two simple words that pack a punch when it comes to the Lord and fighting back fear.

By making this “even though” list, I realize I am not alone. And neither are you! Like the shepherd carrying the sheep in the painting, the Lord is with us.  

Today, I encourage you to make an “even though” list. Write down anything you are going through for which you need reassurance that God is with you! 

See you tomorrow,  

Fighting Back!

Create a list of "even though" statements of your own, and share one or two of them with us in the comments.

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