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Throwing Off the Blanket of Shame

August 5, 2022

Hello, friend, I’m so glad you’re here because I really wanted to talk about today’s devotion with you! It’s Friday, and that means we’re on Day 67.

I’ll be honest that when I read this devotion, it got me fired up! Shame is such a frustrating tactic of the enemy and can easily suck us into feeling awful about ourselves.

Have you ever used a weighted blanket? The heaviness is made to press down against you as you lie beneath it. That's exactly what it feels like I’m weighed down by whenever I’m burdened by shame. The weight causes me to focus an unhealthy amount of my attention on myself, which then causes me to become angry, defensive and just plain miserable. Definitely not a fun place to be!

But what I loved most about Ellie’s devotion today is the sharing of her own experience. Here is a quote from page 160 from Fighting Words

“This verse in Psalm 34 reminds me of that truth — when I look to Him, I don’t have to hide; all of my shame is removed for good and no longer covers me.”

Isn’t it interesting how shame can wrap around us and cause us to feel like hiding behind it, but looking to Jesus and being known by Him takes away those feelings of needing to cover up who we truly are? I love that about being with Him!

Let’s take some extra time to sit with the questions at the end of today’s reading because they are so good! Don’t rush, but just sit and invite God to show you what He wants you to see. We don’t have to live under that heavy blanket of shame anymore!

And just in case you need the reminder today, you are dearly loved! I’ll be back on Monday to wrap up Round 7. See you then, my friend!


Fighting Back

We talked a lot about blankets and hiding today, but as Ellie points out in one of today’s questions, there can be a flip side where we try to prove something to God and others. As she asks, “How do you try to prove yourself to God and others?” How can you throw off that weight?

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