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Seven Rounds Down

August 8, 2022

Welcome to Day 70, my friend! 

Do you remember back on Day 61 when we looked at praying and practicing our verses, John 13:34-35, for this round? We started by writing down the name of someone we find difficult to love. Have you noticed God helping you love them a little more? Have you noticed your heart softening toward them? 

One of the reasons I love memorizing scriptures is because God reveals the Truth of His Word to my heart in a deeper way when I put it to memory. Let’s keep watching how He transforms our actions through these verses as He helps us love well. 

Having Truth in our hearts helps us fight the lies of the enemy, and today’s reading, Luke 15:3-6, brings up a huge lie of the enemy. Have you ever had days or seasons where you felt far from God? Me too. Our enemy wants us to believe that when we’re lost, God doesn’t care and He won’t come looking for us. Lies! 

Maybe right now you’re doing this study to try and get back on track or draw closer to God. Do you know it’s not an accident you’re reading this? The fact that you’re here is evidence God is pursuing you. Our Good Shepherd doesn’t leave us — He searches for us and rejoices when He brings us home.

That right there is good news and something to get excited about, no matter where your relationship with God is at the moment! Let’s keep fighting lies with the amazing Truth of God’s Word!

What a huge milestone we’ve reached together, but we’re not done yet! Round 8 begins tomorrow. Are you ready to keep fighting?


Fighting Back!

What is your favorite method for putting a verse to memory? Take a moment to look back on all you have memorized throughout this study, and notice any ways your mind and heart have changed.

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