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Light Always Defeats Darkness

August 26, 2022

Last week I had a checkup with my doctor, and the topic of my family medical history came up. This question always takes my breath away because my parents and younger brother have passed away. As a result, I am an orphaned adult. 

The grief of losing my brother and dad, who passed away within five weeks of each other, led to some dark, grief-filled days. It was all I could do to muster enough strength to get out of bed and take care of my family. 

Darkness likes to cling to us and wants us to believe we are to live a life of grief and fear. 

Here is what is important to remember, though: Light always defeats darkness.

That light is Jesus!

Today’s reading (Day 88) is an excellent reminder of how darkness and fear occur in our lives. Whether it’s a family member's death, a pandemic or something else that brings us to our knees, the light of Jesus helps us get through it. 

In those dark days of grief, I clung to my Bible and read the Gospels. In those pages, I found peace and comfort. Jesus helped me to see past the darkness and to live life for Him.

Friend, whatever darkness or grief you are facing, remember Jesus is there for you! He will never leave your side. So turn to Him today and see the Light. Your darkness is defeated! 

Hugs and prayers, 


Fighting Back!

What darkness are you facing today? Post your prayer requests in the comments, and then choose another OBSer to pray over. Be sure to reply to her comment to let her know you have prayed for her.

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