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We’re Not Done Yet

August 29, 2022
Week 10 verse

Welcome to Monday, Day 91 and the start of Round 10! I’m so proud of us for learning how to fight lies with God’s Word over the last 90 days, and we’re not done yet, so let’s dive in!

This round’s verse is one of my favorites because I have witnessed the power it has to fight lies in my life over the years. There are some lies that just seem to plague me. Do you experience that too? I tend to struggle with lies about my identity in Christ and can’t ever seem to run away from them completely. However, I do get to land a knockout punch when I speak truth with this verse, Romans 8:1:

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus ...” (NIV).

I just love finding those verses that really send the enemy fleeing! Keep this one close at hand by downloading the lock screen to be reminded of our verse throughout this round!

We’ve learned so much over the past 91 days and have been introduced to some very useful and practical tools for engaging with the Word of God. My friend Nichole is back to review all the tips for scripture memorization, so check out her video. 



Those are some powerful tools that we’ve gained, so there are lots of options to help us memorize the verse for Round 10!

Friend, we’re not done yet, so let’s fight this round well! I’ll be back on Thursday for Day 94.


Fighting Back!

What scripture memorization tool that you’ve learned has been your favorite or has been the most helpful? Which do you plan on using for Round 10?

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