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Ten Rounds Down!

September 7, 2022
Round 10 Verse

We’ve arrived at Day 100! Can you believe it? Whether you’ve memorized one verse or 10, this is a huge milestone for us. Congratulations! 

I think Ellie sums it up best in her devotion for today on page 234, where she says, “It’s been 100 days of you and me sitting in God’s promises and asking Him to help us believe that they are true!” That leads me to ask: What do you now know to be true about God that you didn’t know when you started this study? 

I’ll go first. 

I remember back on Day 55 when Ellie asked how I pictured God’s face as He looks toward me and what expression is He making. It took me back to a few years ago when I thought God's posture toward me was one of arms crossed, shaking His head in disappointment. 

As difficult as that memory is for me, Ellie’s question reminded me of just how far I’ve come in knowing that God, my heavenly Father, is kind, loving and compassionate. I was able to have a moment of thanksgiving!

Friend, as you read today’s message from Ellie, I hope you are able to look back on this journey we’ve been on and see how using and speaking these fighting words has impacted your life! As you remember what you’ve learned through this time, I hope you will be encouraged to keep fighting — because Day 100 doesn’t mean we are finished fighting! 

The reality is that as long as we have breath in our lungs, we are in a fight, so keep using your fighting words! Let’s end with Ellie’s words from her song Fighting Words: 

“I will fight the lies with the truth,
Keep my eyes fixed on You.
I will sing the truth into the dark.
I will use my fighting words.”

On behalf of Stacy, Alicia, Brandy and Missy, thank you for stepping into the ring and fighting with us!

Fighting Back!

How has this study impacted you? What do you now know to be true about God that you didn’t know when you started this study?

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