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Fighting Words

May 31-September 7
Fighting Words: 100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness by Ellie Holcomb

May 31-September 7


This study will help you:


Stop feeling overwhelmed by your Bible study — discover simple, efficient, life-changing Truth you can take with you wherever you go this summer.

Go deeper than knowing a lot about God's Word but not changing your life, and experience the transformative power that comes from memorizing Scripture.

Overcome feeling lost in your anxious thoughts by joining a community that will remind you of what’s true in the middle of what feels loud in your own head.



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“I joined this Bible study a day after it started! I had known about OBS before and thought it sounded good but just lagged on joining it and sort of forgot. I got the P31 devo that is related to this study, and it just totally pierced into me and reinforced what the Lord had already been speaking to me about, so I said, "OK, that's it — I'm joining this Bible study." And so I did, a day late but not a day too early! The Lord has shone a light on and revealed to me such deep things about places in my soul that are wounded and injured that I hadn't even realized or considered, and it is just amazing. Who knows how the rest of it will go, but as for the last few days, they have been simple (thank you!) but so impactful. Praise the Lord!”

- Britt L , OBSer



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To Breathe Again

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Leaning on God

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