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#JesusCarbs, I AM the Bread

October 2, 2017

Welcome to your first day of the Online Bible Study! My name is Melissa Taylor and it's my honor to kick off this #P31OBS study with you!

Each week, I'll be joined by author Lysa TerKeurst, along with OBS staffers Nicki Koziarz and Kendra Schwarz in a fun little video, where we discuss Finding I AM and other fun things with you! Like, why did Lysa TerKeurst use the hashtag #JesusCarbs when Kendra was eating bread this week? Why is there a "Day 5" of homework just for you #JesusOverachievers? Why is it OK if you fall behind? Watch the video to find out!

Oh, and we have closed captioning on all of our videos. So for example ... if you're at work and can't watch it with the volume on, we've got you covered!

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If you can’t view the video above, watch here on YouTube.

Note: You can purchase the Finding I AM DVDs Lysa mentions in her video individually here or if you’re leading a group, purchase our leader kit.

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#JesusCarbs! LOL! Oh my goodness, I hope you can see that not only do we intend to learn a lot through this Bible study, but we have fun too.

It's important to us that you feel valued, connected and informed in this study. That's why we've developed the OBS Study Companion. You can download your Companion below, filled with all the resources of the week, like:

  • A phone lock screen with this week's "I AM" statement
  • Week 1 Study Content (for those of you who don't have your book yet)
  • Facebook banner
  • Extra journal pages

You are going to love this resource!

Study Companion

Let's get started on Day 1! Get out your Finding I AM book, and begin! If you haven’t received your Finding I AM book yet, you can download the first week here.

Reflect and Respond:

I've found that to be most successful in a Bible study with homework, it's helpful to make a plan. I pre-decided that I would do my Bible study each morning at my desk with a cup of coffee, my Bible and my Bible study book. I've carved out 30 minutes for this before I get ready for work.
How are you going to make time for this Bible study?

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