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Choosing Life or Lies

October 2, 2017
Finding I AM

Hi, everyone! I'm Katrina Wylie, the executive team leader for the Words Department of P31 OBS and your study leader for the rest of this week.

I loved all the advice and encouragement from Melissa on day 1 to help us with our book work.

Speaking of book work, how's it going with yours?

Here’s a question to ponder:

What are you consuming this week?

In Day 1 of Finding I AM, Lysa TerKeurst gives us this food for thought:

"What we consume will consume us. It's our choice whether we are consuming God's life or the enemy’s lies."

Did the words "It's our choice" leap out and smack you upside the head too? Perhaps I should rephrase my question to:

What are you CHOOSING to consume this week?

If you're anything like me, you might be tempted to snack on a few thoughts like these:

  • I need to get all five days homework done.
  • I need to fill in every blank.
  • I need to remember and apply everything I'm learning.

Can we just name those thoughts for what they really are? Lies. All of them. From the enemy. To set us up for failure right from the get-go!

But we're here to better know our God, who is the bread of life. So can I encourage you to watch this short video highlighting a challenge Lysa presents in Day 2's book work? It's something I believe has potential to help us consume more of God's life, this study and less of the enemy’s lies. Need closed captioning?

Get Instructions Here

If you can’t view the video above, watch here on YouTube.

So ... will you take the challenge?

As we work through this study, I hope you'll pray daily with me to help us consume from the right source, remembering:

"God is the source of life through His provision. The enemy is the source of lies through his perversion." - Lysa TerKeurst

Reflect and Respond:

On page 22, Lysa mentions praying every day of this study to open and soften her heart to hear from Him. “Ask Him to help you trust Him.”

Interested in memorizing the “I AM” statements? Check out the memory kit in the download below as a free resource.


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