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I AM the Gate and Shepherd

October 2, 2017
Finding I AM

Hey, hey! I’m Angela Diemer, joining you from Battle Creek, Michigan, and I’m overjoyed to be your #FindingIAM study leader for Week 3. Are you ready for a two-for-one special this week? Yep, TWO I AM statements – I AM the Gate and I AM the Good Shepherd.

Before we dig into those, we’ve got an amusing video to share with you today. I don’t want to give too much away, but you’ll find out why Melissa Taylor may have been the ULTIMATE tourist in Israel. Check it out, and I’ll meet up with you afterward.

Note: all our OBS videos are closed captioned.

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If you can’t view the video above, watch here on YouTube.

Oh, they make me laugh! Your life is crazy and so are your leaders, LOL! But – in the midst of laughing, did you catch the great tip Lysa TerKeurst shared about working through the study?

“If you only have 10 minutes – do it for 10 minutes.”

Yes! Remember, it’s not about getting all the blanks filled in. It’s about your personal time spent with God. So don’t quit, OK? Let’s start Week 3 off together with no pressure!

Father, thank You for specifically placing us here in this study. You chose us! Speak to our hearts this week, as we discover why You are the Gate and the Good Shepherd in our lives. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

P.S. Don’t forget your Study Companion which has additional FREE resources available for download or printing.


Reflect and Respond:

Look up John 10:7 in a different version, write it at the top of your journal and then write how it speaks to you.

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