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Keeping Jesus As Our Gate

October 2, 2017
Finding I AM

Hey there, Angela here again. And I’m pumped up because you’re still here desiring to know more about Jesus. Let’s keep seeking!

I don’t know about you, but I've learned some interesting things about sheep this week. They’re not the smartest animals, but fluffy.

Because I’m a visual learner, seeing the picture Lysa shared on Day 2 (page 76) of what an actual sheep gate looked like was helpful to me. Knowing there wasn’t a door on the enclosure gave me a new understanding why the shepherd had to take his post to be on constant alert for thieves and wild animals. Like Scripture says, in John 10:10a (NLT),

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.”

Sometimes, it can be a subtle thought we begin to dwell on. Then one thought multiplies into more, and before we know it we’re stressed out, confused and depressed. The enemy plays sneak attacks against our minds. Attempting to steal our joy and peace.

I’ll admit, I’ve been duped liked this before. Recently, I got myself all bent out of shape with comparing my situation to someone else’s, without even knowing their full story. I wanted what they had. And I allowed the wrong thoughts to get into my mind. Like Lysa TerKeurst shares in Finding I AM:

“The enemy knows if he can isolate us, he can intimidate us. Confuse us. Deceive us.”

I confess, desires of the flesh can get me all out of whack, feeling like a sheep who’s wandered off the path. This is why I loved the picture of the sheep gate showing no door. Our mind doesn’t have a physical door either, but it’s the gate to our thoughts.

Learning about the I AM statements this week taught me I must keep Jesus at the Gate of my mind, allowing the Good Shepherd to guide me back to His truths found in the Scriptures. Or, like Lysa puts it:

“We must let the truth seep deep into the longings of our soul. Otherwise, lies are prone to creep into this place of desire.” 

I’m so thankful we have a Good Shepherd who has good things for us. Which brings me to the second — and my favorite part — of John 10:10b (NIV):

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

This isn’t a pinky swear type of promise … It’s A YES and AMEN promise! And this blessed life can only be obtained through a life with Jesus as we allow Him to be the Gate and Good Shepherd of our heart, soul and mind.


Reflect and Respond:

Our thoughts are powerful! What is something you can remember to do when those negative thoughts try to creep in?

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