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Our Resurrected Identity

October 2, 2017
Finding I AM

SHOUT OUT to you for sticking with me! Brenda here again to close out Week 4. I've been sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating this day.

Ready for another teaching video clip? Atop the Mount of Olives, Lysa TerKeurst brings us a picture of what this week's "I AM" statements mean. Purchase the full Session 5 video teaching where you can see and experience the Holy Land through Lysa’s eyes.

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Jesus wants us to understand His heart, today. He's ready to make all things new and have this "I AM" come to life for us! 

He is the One with Resurrection Power beyond our understanding, my friends. He can bring Life where there once was death. Remember Thomas? Martha? Even Jesus Himself?

In our video today, Lysa points out how Martha went from "The Distracted One" to Martha "The Chosen One". What a wonderful resurrected identity!

And He wants to resurrect our identity too! Like Lysa said:

"The Resurrected King is bringing His Resurrection Power to you."

He's bringing His Resurrection Power to you, and to me! So let's invite the Resurrected King to invade our lives and resurrect our identity.

I so enjoyed "doing life" with you this week!


Reflect and Respond:

Take this time to reflect on what “I AM” statement is speaking to you the most. Pray for the Lord to continue to reveal Himself as we look at the last “I AM” statement, “I AM the True Vine.”

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