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Who's Your Go-To?

October 2, 2017
Finding I AM

Hey, there! How’s Week 5 going? It’s Kendra back with you!

Not sure about you, but something from Day 2 really hit me – the word “abide.” Yep, one little word did a work in my soul. Lysa TerKeurst says it comes from a root word meaning “to stay, remain, wait.” Just what a gal like me wants to hear.

As I read, I found myself questioning, What does "abiding" look like in my life? Does it mean I put my phone down for a few minutes and try to think about nothing? Or maybe it means I read the Bible and remain in the Word a little while longer. After some reflection, God is showing me I’m supposed to abide by simply making Him my “go-to.”

You know that friend you tell everything? Maybe a person you immediately call after having a problem with someone at work. We go to this one person in hopes to get clarity, confidence and connection. And that person is our “go-to.”

I think this is exactly who God wants to be in our lives. And we can make Him our go-to by abiding.

I need to make a concise effort every day to move toward Jesus. And that move might be to abide, sit with him, wait or just be in His presence. Whatever it is, it needs to be something, because as Lysa TerKeurst says,

“God isn’t trying to hide from us. He is waiting to be seen by us.” 

God is waiting to be our “go-to” person. He’s waiting for us to make a move toward Him so He can prune and help us bear fruit that is honoring to Him.

And here’s what’s really neat. You know how sometimes your “go-to” person isn’t available to listen? God is available 24/7. The question is, will we make Him our go-to person?


Reflect and Respond:

All this talk about abiding has me wondering, what do you do to “abide” in the Lord? As the hustle and bustle of the day gets in full swing, how do you take time to sit with God and remain in Him?

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