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Step-by-Step {Week 1}

April 16, 2021
 "Flooded" by Nicki Koziarz | P31 OBS Week 1 Quote

Happy Friday, ladies! I’m so glad you are here with me as we finish up Week 1. Talking about doubt is not always easy, but we’re in this together.

I went through a stressful time recently where I felt anxious and completely unsure of myself. The enemy was whispering all kinds of untruths in my ears. I tried to discredit the lies, but I was exhausted and discouraged. And in the midst of it all, I began to doubt God’s power and His goodness.

The psalmist David expressed exactly what I was feeling in Psalm 42:5:

“Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again...” (NLT)

The struggle of wanting to sing praises but feeling overwhelmed was draining me. I knew something needed to change, and that something was me.

Like Nicki tells us on page 16 of Flooded,

“Doubt can only be removed by making the decision to do so.”

But when I feel so unsure of myself, it feels impossible to make decisions. Do you know what I mean?

I knew I couldn’t move forward without help. So I cried out to God in prayer and asked Him to help me fight my doubts. Then I took action in two ways:

First, I reached in to God’s Word for strength and truth. I read Scripture and wrote verses on index cards I carried with me. Those constant reminders of God’s goodness defeated the lies the enemy whispered in my ears. Reading the verses over and over helped me trade lies for truth and replace doubt with peace.

I also reached out to a friend and shared my hurting heart. I know for some of you that sounds easy, but it took about all the courage this girl had. My friend's words were exactly what I needed. Through prayer and encouragement, she helped turn my sadness to praise by opening my eyes to the work God was doing.

When we make the decision to walk step-by-step with God through difficult times, He will show us exactly what we need.

So I’m going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust Him. Will you do the same?

Next Steps:

  • Read Chapter 3 of Flooded
  • Watch Session 1 of the Flooded video series.
  • Meet back on Monday!

I’ll see you soon!


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For Your Weekend
In Session 1 of the Flooded video series, Nicki brings Decision One to life as we discover what mustard-seed faith really is and how a simple decision Noah made — to walk with God — was the start of a life marked with holy confidence. The video’s just under 12 minutes.

Here are instructions to access closed captioning AND the video transcripts.

(Special thanks to Baker Publishing for making this available to us for FREE. You'll have full access to these videos through the duration of the study and beyond.)

Last night on our P31 OBS Facebook page, we had Bible Study LIVE at the Table! We watched this video (above) together and then had a discussion around some of the questions found in the Study Guide. No Facebook? No problem! You can access this video here, even if you don't have an account!

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