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Be Still {Week 2}

April 23, 2021
"Flooded" by Nicki Koziarz | P31 OBS Week 2 Quote

Friends, we are at the end of Week 2!

I am filled with so much hope, knowing that God is always speaking. It is up to me to make the decision to listen, though. And when I do, He quiets my doubt and builds my faith. So I set my heart to listen.

The first few moments are hard. The refrigerator hums; somebody laughs in another room. Then the wave of chores left undone crashes over me. The dishwasher needs emptying. I count 17 pieces of lint on the carpet. When did I vacuum? I fight distraction with prayer: Jesus, help me focus on You and hear from You. I say His name a few times. Sometimes I even write down everything on my mind to clear my head. Then I turn back to Him.

Finally, my mind, body and spirit embrace silence as a gift. As awkward as they may feel at first, these are moments when we aren’t asking for anything or pleading with God. We develop our relationship simply by sitting in His presence. And we begin to discover, as John 15:15 says, that we are not servants but friends. In this quiet space, I’ll ask God, What’s on Your heart? and wait.

Sometimes I hear nothing at all, and that’s frustrating. Other times I'll suddenly begin thinking of someone long forgotten. God gives us little assignments in these moments of silence with Him. Just like the faith assignment He gave Noah. God hasn’t asked me to build an ark, but He has asked me to reach out to a friend in need. When He does that, I write it down so I won’t forget or doubt myself later. Sometimes a verse comes to mind. I might see that it’s speaking directly to me, or I may figure out that it’s for someone else. It’s like Nicki tells us on page 60 of Flooded:

“...when God gives a way, He gives a word.”

When we learn to be still and listen to God speak, we begin to hear God everywhere. So that word He gives may be found in a friend, a Scripture, a worship song or a beautiful flower.

Let’s take the silence of our hearts with us throughout the day.


Let’s Chat!

What has God said to you as you have listened to Him this week?

Next Steps:

  • Read Chapter 6 of Flooded.
  • Watch Session 2 of the Flooded video series.
  • Meet back on Monday when Angela kicks off Week 3!

For Your Weekend:
In Session 2 of the Flooded video series, Nicki helps us discover how to trust God more by tuning out the noises of life and knowing that His assignments sometimes don’t make sense at first. The video’s about 12 minutes. (Special thanks to Baker Publishing for making this available to us for FREE. You'll have full access to these videos through the duration of the study and beyond.)

P.S. If you missed last week’s video session, here it is:

Last night on our P31 OBS Facebook page, we had Bible Study LIVE at the Table! We watched this video (above) together and then had a discussion around some of the questions found in the Study Guide. No Facebook? No problem! You can access this video here, even if you don't have an account!

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