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To Rise Above the Doubt {Week 3}

April 26, 2021
“Flooded” by Nicki Koziarz | P31 OBS Week 3 Verse


Angela here — I'll be with you for the next two weeks. I’m stoked to get things rolling, but before we start, I’d like to give Alicia a shout-out. She’s incredible! I love her heart and how she led us in Weeks 1 and 2. Thankful for you, friend. Now, on to Week 3!

We’re almost at our halfway mark. This can be a pivotal point: the decision to keep going even if __________ (all kinds of scenarios could fill in the blank there). Whatever you mentally filled in the blank with, I’m praying you’ll be encouraged to keep doing this with us! You’re here now reading this, so that’s a good start to sticking with it.

In today’s video, Nicki and Kendra will be sharing legit wisdom on how we can still make Decision 3: To Rise Above the Doubt, even when hard things keep coming at us. Because hard things do happen. And when they do, the tools shared here are indispensable. We’ll also get to take a peek into Ashley’s “Doubt Diary.” Let’s watch!

Here are the instructions for access to closed captioning and transcripts.

God’s Word is authoritative. Saying "IT IS WRITTEN" back to the enemy, just like Jesus did, (Matthew 4:4, ESV) is all-powerful! Jesus is our example, and Scripture is our weapon. Knowing and living out the Truth really does change everything!

This is one of the reasons why I love sharing our Verse of the Week. This week’s verse says:

“I have fought the the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7, ESV).

I want us to see ourselves as this now — even if we don’t feel it yet. Something shifts when we believe and see it before it happens. That’s faith!

Let’s fight, finish and keep the faith!

I believe God has a special word for you this week!



Let’s Chat:

Let’s personalize 2 Timothy 4:7 and use the words "IT IS WRITTEN" as our weapon against doubt. “It is written: Angela has fought the good fight with her doubts; she has finished the race, and she’s kept the faith!” Your turn to share!

Next Steps:

  • Start with Chapter 7 of Flooded.
  • Check out the Study at a Glance to see what’s on the schedule for this week.
  • We’ll see you back here on Wednesday to go deeper in the Bible with our special guest, Stacy Lowe.

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