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Simple Equals Doable {Foundations Week}

January 11, 2021


I’m Katrina Wylie, and while I won’t be a study leader for the Forgiving What You Can’t Forget P31 OBS, I do have the honor of kicking off Foundations Week.

This year especially, I find myself looking at how to make it more successful than the last. And since our relationship with God should be a top priority, I want to look at how to be more successful in Bible study, too!

Well, that’s what Foundations Week is all about! Each day this week, we’ll share something to help you have a successful study. So don’t miss out! Come join us! Deal?

In our last message, study leader Alicia Hunter had us determine and share our “why” for doing this study. Today, let’s determine three more things:

  1. What parts of the study we’ll do.
  2. When we’ll do our study.
  3. Where we'll do our study.

Deciding these ahead of time simplifies our Bible study, and simple = doable.

To help with this, check out our one-stop-shop resource — the Study at a Glance. In this calendar, you’ll learn:

  • When the study officially starts and ends.
  • When you’ll receive each new blog/email.
  • When you’ll receive videos.
  • What chapters to read when.
  • What additional study options there are and when.

Let’s download it now to make our “what/when/where” plans. You can also print it for reference all study long.


Cheers to a simple/successful study!

Katrina Wylie

Heart to Heart:

What are your “what/when/where” plans? What will be your backup time and place, just in case?

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