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8 Tips for a Successful Study! {Foundations Week}

January 14, 2021

Hi, ladies!

Brandy here — another one of your study leaders! Anyone else excited, but also a little scared for the study to start next Tuesday? Talking about who’s hurt me and how I feel — no, thank you! Maybe you can relate?

That’s why I’m sharing eight study tips today. They’ll help you lean into what you’d rather avoid. When the tears won’t stop, they’ll nudge you to keep going. With God’s help, you can use them to get the most out of this study. The first four you’ll recognize from posts earlier this week and last. They’re so good, they’re worth mentioning again. Let’s check them out!

  1. Write down your “why” for joining the study and refer back to it frequently! Doing so will help you stay motivated to keep going all study long!

  2. Decide when and where to do your study AND have a back-up plan. Life happens. Without a plan, it’s easier to skip out on studying, especially on busy days!

  3. Choose a community option and engage consistently. Through community, you’ll find accountability and encouragement as you realize you’re not alone in this.

  4. Utilize the weekly Bible Study Companion lessons. Getting into God's Word to study forgiveness provides a deeper study experience and a strong foundation to stand on.

  5. Begin your study time in prayer. Praying before jumping right into your daily reading helps you better grasp what God wants to reveal to you through His Word.

  6. Explore the promptings you sense when you’re reading. Pausing to reflect, pray and journal will lead you to the personal messages and lessons God has just for you!

  7. Record and celebrate the small wins toward growth. Small changes lead to big changes, which then lead to healing. All change is worth celebrating!

  8. Extend grace to yourself. It’s okay if it takes you longer to process a particular part and/or you get behind a bit. It’s your forgiveness journey. All journeys have rest stops.

Praying God will use these tips all study long to draw you closer to Him!


Heart to Heart:

Of the eight tips mentioned, which are you most excited to try during this study and why?

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