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Forgiveness is Possible {Week 1}

January 20, 2021
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In case we haven't met yet, I'm Angela, one of your leaders for this study. I’ll be with you here throughout the remainder of the week.

Since many of us are just getting to know each other, I’ll share a little tidbit about me: I LOVE God's Word! It’s my utmost favorite. Reading and studying the Bible has literally changed my life, so any time I get to share about the Bible, I get really excited! Which brings me to why I’m giddy for what happens around here every Wednesday this study.

In case you missed Stacy's blog post during Foundations Week, Wednesdays are the day we dig into the Bible Study Companion, which we refer to around here as the BSC.

In this week’s BSC lesson, Wendy Blight beautifully leads us to prepare our hearts with applicable steps for our forgiveness journey. She explains how God views forgiveness and how He’s our example, plus gives us Scripture to help us process through prayer.

Sisters, we can do this hard thing even if we may not feel it yet per se. Like Lysa TerKeurst shares on page 7 of Forgiving What You Can’t Forget:

“Forgiveness is possible, but it won’t always feel possible.”

God’s truth is what sets us free, not our feelings. Let’s begin our forgiveness journey together with Lesson 1 on page 2.


(If completing the BSC lesson digitally, when done, click Print, then change the destination to PDF. This will allow you to save a copy of the BSC with your answers typed in!)
I’m here with you,


Heart to Heart:

When it comes to working through forgiveness, which do you tend to turn towards first: feelings or God’s Word? Explain.

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