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Building Trust {Week 5}

February 17, 2021

Hi friends,

We started this week by sharing with each other those things for which we can trust God. Thank you for commenting and encouraging each other. Let’s continue our conversation and look deeper at trust.

Can you trust God?

You might read that question a couple different ways. First: Can you trust God? In other words, is He reliable and dependable? Yes! But another way of hearing that question is also important: Can you trust God? Do you have a relationship with Him and confidence that you believe He is with you and loves you, even though you don’t see evidence of His presence? Hmm, that might be a little harder.

But Lysa assures us on page 169 of Forgiving What We Can’t Forget,

“God does some of His best work in the unseen.”

If you, like me, trust God, but struggle when life feels uncertain or hard, this week’s Bible Study Companion lesson is for you! Beginning on page 47, Katrina Wylie leads us through a powerful lesson to build our trust in God through Scripture and prayer.


(If completing the BSC lesson digitally, when done, click "Print," then change the destination to PDF. This will allow you to save a copy of the BSC with your answers typed in!)

Let’s build together!


Heart to Heart:

How does building trust in God strengthen our relationship with others ?

P.S. Remember, each week of the BSC is a standalone lesson, so jump right in with us today!

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