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Let Go and Let God {Week 6}

February 24, 2021
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Hi there!

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I have a hard time letting go. I don't mean to hold on to things so tightly. For example, it's hard for me to lay down my need to be right. Why can’t I let it go? Maybe you’ve asked this question, too.

Look how Lysa responds on page 195 of Forgiving What We Can’t Forget:

“Humanity without humility makes true forgiveness impossible.”

There it is. Humility. We lay at God’s feet what we want to happen, and we allow God to heal our unforgiving hearts. He, in turn, fills us with His peace and freedom. It’s impossible to do on our own, but possible if we ask God to help us.

That’s what today’s Bible Study Companion lesson focuses on. We’ll study the story of Cain and Abel and find out what kept Cain from taking the forgiveness journey. It’s important to look at because we often learn a lot from other people’s mistakes.


(If completing the BSC lesson digitally, click "Print" when done, then change the destination to PDF. This will allow you to save a copy of the BSC with your answers typed in!)

Ready to study? Let’s turn to pages 58-68 of the BSC and get started!


Heart to Heart:

What’s one way holding on to your feelings (like your need to be right) has kept you from forgiving?

P.S. Each week of the BSC is a standalone lesson, so feel free to jump in right where we are!


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