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This Was Hard and Holy Work {Week 6}

February 26, 2021

Hey there!

We made it to the end of our study. Six weeks of reading, processing, answering questions and maybe experiencing a setback or two. But we did it. YOU did it.

So where do we go from here?

As I was writing this final post, my friend Susan called me. We talked together about what we’re learning through this study — how we’re forgiving, who we’re forgiving and everything in between.

One thing she said really stuck with me: “I’m taking my time with this study.”

Yes, this study might be over according to our allotted dates, but it doesn’t have to be over for you. Go back to things you underlined or chapters you didn’t finish. Sit with Scripture, and journal your thoughts. There may be more work that needs to be done and tended to.

Let’s keep doing the hard and holy work of forgiveness, and do so knowing we are a bit different than we were at the beginning. We’re a little more aware, a little more wise and maybe a little more mature as it pertains to forgiveness.

Lysa mentioned this in Chapter 14 of Forgiving What You Can’t Forget:

“Maturity isn’t the absence of hard stuff. Maturity is the evidence that a person allowed the hard stuff to work for them rather than against them.”

So there we have it. We are going to use all this hard stuff to work for us. And when it feels impossible or unbearable, let’s crack open our books and be reminded of the hard and holy work we’ve done.

It’s been an honor to walk alongside you!


Heart to Heart:

What was your biggest takeaway from our Forgiving What You Can’t Forget study and why?

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