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Are You Ready To Stop the Spiral? {Week 1}

June 28, 2021
“Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen | P31 OBS Week 1 Verse

Y’all, it’s finally here! The day our P31 OBS team has been planning for and praying over for months now. We thought it would never arrive, but at last, here we are — Day 1 of Get Out of Your Head!

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Stacy Lowe, and I’ll be joining you right here on the blog as your leader for Weeks 1 and 6. We have a lot to accomplish in our time together, so I say let’s go ahead and get this thing started!

Staying on Track

Focus is crucial in winning this battle in our minds. As such, we want to equip you with everything needed to stay on track throughout our six weeks together. We have two main ways of doing so. One is our "Study at a Glance." This handy dandy resource will give you a bird's-eye view of everything happening throughout all six weeks of study, including a couple chances a week to catch us LIVE on social media. If you’re a "plan ahead" kind of person, this may be just the ticket for you. You can download and/or print your copy of it right here!


If, instead, you’re the kind of person who would rather take each week as it comes, we’ve got you covered, too. Right here each Monday, we’ll lay out the most important info of the week to be sure you know what we’re doing and when we’ll be doing it. Sound good?


We’ll be reading Chapters 1-3 of Get Out of Your Head. You can follow the suggested reading plan in the "Next Steps" section found at the end of each blog OR read these chapters at whatever pace works best for you throughout the week.

We’ll be doing three check-in blog posts:

  • Today (what you’re reading right now).
  • Wednesday (including an optional, standalone Bible study lesson).
  • Friday (including the Session 1 teaching video with Jennie Allen).

Our Verse of the Week is Romans 12:2:

“... be transformed by the renewal of your mind ...” (ESV)

And finally, we have our P31 OBS Video of the Week featuring Senior Manager of Ministry Studies Kendra LeGrand and author Jennie Allen. Are you curious why Get Out of Your Head was written? Wondering who it was written to? Jennie answers that question and more in today’s video. Who knows? You just may find it was written for you!

Click here for instructions to access closed captioning AND the video transcript.

I think we are all set and ready to dive in. Here’s to a life-changing six weeks!


Let’s Chat!

What are you most hoping to gain from these next six weeks of study?

Next Steps:

  • Read Chapter 1 of Get Out of Your Head.
  • Take notes on what God is teaching you as you read.
  • Come back Wednesday for our next check-in point.

P.S. Still waiting on your book to arrive? No worries! We have you covered with the Week 1 content right here!

Comment on today’s blog to be entered to win a copy of our study book, Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen. Fifteen winners will be randomly selected and notified via reply to their comments within three days.

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