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Victory Is Ours! {Week 3}

July 12, 2021
“Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen | P31 OBS Week 3 Verse

Hi, friends!

I’m Brandy, back with you again this week. Today we start Week 3 of Get Out of Your Head. Yay!

How’s the study going for you so far? How’s it really going?

Though you may have difficult feelings to work through, keep praying and doing the work. Perhaps you meant to identify and unpack one emotion you’re currently experiencing, but you had several emotions to work through. (That happened to me!) Keep praying and doing the work. Maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed with the process. That’s OK. We’ve believed lies for a long time. Just keep praying and doing the work.

This week, we’ll start to talk about specific choices we can make to develop a healthy, God-honoring mindset. Before we dive into the choices, though, Jennie gives us a much-needed pep talk in Chapter 7 to remind us of the victory we already have because we are God’s daughters. What good news!


Our Verse of the Week is James 4:8a. It’s short and powerful!

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” (ESV)

We’ll be reading Chapters 7-9 of Get Out of Your Head. Remember the suggested reading plan in the "Next Steps" section at the end of this blog post. Read along with us, or read at your own pace. There’s no wrong time or day this week to study.

We’ll be doing three check-in blog posts:

  • Today (what you’re reading right now).
  • Wednesday (including an optional, standalone Bible study lesson).
  • Friday (including the Session 3 teaching video with Jennie Allen).

In our P31 OBS Video of the Week, author Jennie Allen shares practical ways we can take our thoughts captive. She also shares a message for any ladies who struggle with depression.

Click here for instructions to access closed captioning AND the video transcript.

OK, you’re all ready and prepped for this week. I’m excited to see what God will teach us these next few days. I hope you are, too.

Remember, I’ll be back on Wednesday to check on you!


Let’s Chat!

What do you think about the truth that you already have the victory over your thoughts, even if it doesn’t feel like it yet?

Next Steps:

  • Read Chapter 7 of Get Out of Your Head.
  • Continue to jot down what God reveals to you.
  • Check the Study at a Glance to see what’s going on this week.

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