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Before You Unplug for the Weekend

September 30, 2022

It’s great to have you here as we wrap up Week 2 of Get Your Life Back! How has this week gone for you as you've familiarized yourself with the simple practices of Drinking Beauty, Simple Unplugging and Kindness Toward Ourselves?

Here are a few suggestions of ways you can begin engaging with these simple practices:


  • Find a picture of a piece of art you love and make it your screensaver.
  • Take a short walk and look for five things of beauty around you. 
  • Each night, reflect on the beauty you noticed throughout your day.


  • Take an hour a day where you turn off your phone. 
  • Use a real alarm clock instead of your phone, and then keep your phone out of your bedroom at night.
  • Spend some time doing a hobby that does not involve a screen.


  • Post a sticky note with one thing you like about yourself written on it.
  • Pray about any impossible standards you hold yourself to, asking the Lord’s forgiveness and His help in letting go.
  • Spend some time asking God what He loves about you, and then sit and listen for His answer.

Friend, I pray that these suggestions are not overwhelming but that they help kickstart your own ideas about bringing the simple practices into your life. The goal is rest and restoration, and it’s going to take time for our parched souls to settle into true rest. I love that God knows us so intimately we can trust Him to lead us on this journey, so allow Him to lead you in the simple practices He knows your soul needs today.

If you are looking for more ideas about how to incorporate these simple practices, head over to our Instagram page and check out our story highlights!

Blessings to you!


P.S. Remember: We go quiet for the weekend. We hope this helps in unplugging and finding rest. See you Monday!

Putting It Into Practice!

Which of the simple practices from this week do you find you’re most excited to bring into your life? What is one step you are going to take today to implement that simple practice? If you’re stuck while looking for ideas, check out the suggestions above.

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