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Releasing What We Were Never Meant To Hold On To

October 10, 2022

Welcome to Week 4, the beginning of the second half of our study.

Let’s start today by taking a look at the interlude on Page 103. Go ahead and read through it (it’s only about 1 ½ pages long), and spend a few moments releasing everyone and everything to God. I’ll wait …

It feels good, doesn’t it? Like a breath of fresh air for our souls.

Now that we’ve taken a moment to realign ourselves with God, we’re ready to begin the week with two new simple practices:

    • Our natural tendency is to hyperfocus on our own wants and our own needs, but this wreaks havoc on our souls. In Chapter 9, we’ll practice shifting our focus away from ourselves and walking in the freedom that comes along with it.
    • Fair warning — this one is hard! But until we’re willing to face those wounds we’ve tried to run away from, our souls will suffer beneath their weight. Chapter 10 will help us understand the difference between relief and restoration and give us practical ideas for taking the first step toward healing.

Does that second one make you a bit nervous? I get it. Me too. But this week’s video will help. Here, John Eldredge takes us deeper into the "why" behind caring for neglected places in our souls, and he gives us proof that not only does it matter to God but He also won’t leave us to face it alone. Take a look!



I am truly excited for what God is going to do this week, and I pray you are too.

Have an amazing week of study; then I’ll meet you back here on Friday!


Let’s Chat!

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P.S. If you’ve missed any videos by John or if you want to rewatch them, you can find them linked below.
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