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Asking God for What Matters Most

October 17, 2022

Hello there, and welcome to Week 5!

I have a question for you today: Have you asked God for what you need? 

As we begin this week, pause here to take a look at the brief interlude found on Page 139 and use it as a reminder to ask God for what matters most.

With that done, it’s now time to dive into this week’s Simple Practices:

    • Did you know that memory is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal for connecting with God? In Chapter 11, John Eldredge will help us understand exactly why and how we can tap into its power.
    • Sometimes, faith comes easy; other times, it’s a struggle. But one thing it always is, is a CHOICE. Chapter 12 will challenge us to believe no matter what it is we feel.

Speaking of choice, did you know that Jesus chose to pray for you when He was here on earth? He sure did. In fact, He prayed for all of us! In today’s video session, we’ll get a sneak peek at Chapter 13 and see how Jesus’ prayer for us is still being answered today. Check it out!



OK, we are all set! Have a great Week 5, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!


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P.S. Miss any of John’s videos the past few weeks? We’ve got you covered.

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