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When I Am Weak Is He REALLY Strong?

October 24, 2022

You have made it to Week 6! If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know that we’ve now got 12 simple practices under our belts. Incredible!

This final week of study, we’ll add on just one more:


  • Are you living from your own strength or God’s? In Chapter 13, we’ll explore more deeply what it means to have union with God and what it looks like to live from HIS strength.

We’ll then finish up with Chapter 14, “The Simple Daily Things,” where we’ll put it all together with a closing message from the author. He also has some related thoughts to share with you in the final video session of our study. Let’s watch!



One more week. We’ve got this!


Let’s Chat!

It’s the final week to answer your question(s)! What questions do you have about this new simple practice OR any of the previous ones? Comment below to let us know; then tune in to Bible Study LIVE at the Table this Thursday night to see if your question is answered!

P.S. Did you miss any of the previous video sessions? We’ve got you covered.

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