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The No. 1 Thing That Makes Bible Study Better

January 6, 2023

Hi there!

I’m Brandy, one of your study leaders for Good Boundaries and Goodbyes.

In 2016, I joined my first Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study. Now, seven years later, you know what I’ve learned? Community makes this whole "Bible study" thing way more fun and impactful!   

And I’m not the only one who thinks this. Check out what some participants had to say about their community experience.

"Being a part of the Community Group is such a wonderful and unique experience. I would never be able to connect with so many other individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives on the text in an in-person study. It's so encouraging …"—Lauren Dick, OBS Community Group Member

"I love the community ... I am always more challenged when I am plugged into a [small] group because of the engagement, seeing other people's views, and just having a judgment-free place where we can share what we are learning through the study. It also keeps me more accountable in keeping up with the study."—Shandra Vandella, OBS Small Group Member

See how powerful engaging in community can be? We hope you’ll consider joining us! Our small groups are almost full but there's an opportunity to join the waitlist. And our Community Group is always open for more. To join the Community Group or add your name to the small group waitlist, click here! 

Can’t wait to connect!


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