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We're (almost) Ready

January 16, 2023

Hi there, friend! As we have been preparing for our study, we have been praying for you. You can count on us to continue those prayers throughout our six weeks together, too. 

Now, will you pray this prayer with us?

Jesus, thank You for who You are. We still have so much to learn about You. What we know so far, though, is amazing. Even more so because we mess up a lot. We're sorry for not always doing what we know is right. 

Lord, we really struggle to grow and keep healthy relationships. Especially with those close to us. Deep down, we want to connect. To laugh, cry, and do life with our people--that's priceless! Sometimes, though, things get messy. We hurt others and get hurt. We do not yet know how to set healthy boundaries. It's also hard to see how goodbyes can be good. 

Please teach us what we don't know. Show us what's true.

One more thing. Help us stay committed and faithful to this process over the next six weeks.

You know exactly what we need, Jesus. So open our eyes through every video, every page in the book, every Scripture we study. Help us see what we need to see in our lives to change. Change us, Lord. We are ready.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

See you this coming Monday, January 23, when our study starts!

Alicia and Brandy

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